Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation With Alexa Integration

nest third generation

The Nest Third Generation Thermostat with Integration into Alexa devices is a smart home enthusiasts’ dream come true. This device will -save- you money and pay for itself. The how is in the details, you can control this through a nest application on your phone to change the temperature when you are not  there, not only that but it has a learning capability that automatically adjusts the temperature whenever you are not home and for periods of time that you would normally change it (pretty cool!)

The Nest also comes packed with additional features such as the nest leaf feature, which is essentially a green leaf that means you have it set to a temperature that will save you money, like running your car in economy mode. One of my favorite features however is the far sight capability. The far sight capability allows the Nest Thermostat to recognize whenever you are approaching from a distance, and makes it light up to show you weather and temperature information, true definition of hands free, all complimented with an auto-schedule of when to run, along with reports of energy usage straight from the nest application. This would be a great addition to your smart home system.