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Ring Video Doorbell 

ring doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is a great device to replace your conventional doorbell and this is more advanced in that, it can be connected to your phone so that you get alerts when the bell is pressed. You are guaranteed not to miss any visitor with this doorbell installed. You can also talk to your visitors from your phone and even if you’re not home, you will be able to inform your visitors where you have gone to or when you will be back.


Design and Installation 

The Ring Video Doorbell features a wide selection of accessories and tools for setting it up. There are screws, raw plugs, double ended screwdriver, mini spirit level. Basically, all that is needed to get the device installed comes with it. So, even if you do not have a tool kit in your home, you will find it very easy to install the Ring.

The ring requires a standard 8-24VAC and even if you have an old doorbell, you could simply take the old one out and replace with the Ring using the same wiring. The device’s batter is rechargeable and this is possible by taking it off the base plate. However, a major downside to this device is that it can be easily stolen, but then it will be replaced for free by the company if a police report is obtained in the event of a theft.

The ring has a dimension of 12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21cm, larger than a regular doorbell but still compact. According to Ring, this doorbell is weatherproof and resistant to heat, snow, rain and sleet. The camera shoots in a resolution of 720p at 15fps. The ring can be set up via Wi-Fi once you download the Ring app on your smartphone, you can always connect to the Ring device itself via Wi-Fi.


Ease of use and Image quality 

The Ring is pretty easy to use and the app is straightforward as well. The whole process of adding devices to your network is pretty much automated and there is a cloud service on which recorded clips are stored. You can access this cloud service and play back recorded clips. The most awesome thing about the Ring app is that you get notifications when the doorbell is pressed or it detects motion and you can talk to the visitor in real time if you want to. All you need is an internet connection and you know what’s going on in your home wherever you are in the world.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Motion detection feature.
  • Decent image and video resolution.
  • Talkback feature fully implemented and works very well.



  • Can be stolen easily


Boosting the security of the home is serious business and at $179 on Amazon, the Ring Video Doorbell makes for a great tool to ensure maximum security of your home. Although the ease with which the device can be stolen is a downside for most people, this is not entirely a problem either as the face of the thief could be captured if they do not have mask on.

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